ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 7

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Carpet stain protector costs $0.65 per square yard to apply. How much will it cost to apply the protector to a 16-foot-x-18-foot carpet?

2. A printing plant that produces baseball cards has a monthly overhead of $6,000. It costs 18 cents to print each card, and the cards sell for 30 cents each. How many cards must the printing plant sell each month in order to make a profit?

3. Joe received an hourly wage of $8.15. His boss gave him a 7% raise. How much does Joe make per hour now?

4. Alice leaves her house, driving east at 45 miles per hour (mph). Thirty minutes later, her husband Dave notices she forgot her cellphone and sets off after her. How fast must Dave travel in order to catch up with Alice 3 hours after he leaves?

5. A baker made 20 pies. A Boy Scout troop buys one-fourth of his pies, a preschool teacher buys one-third of his pies, and a caterer buys one-sixth of his pies. How many pies does the baker have left?

6. Miriam bought five cases of motor oil on sale. A case of motor oil normally costs $24.00, but she was able to purchase the oil for $22.50 a case. How much money did Miriam save on her entire purchase?

7. A security guard walks the equivalent of six city blocks when he makes a circuit around the building. If he walks at a pace of eight city blocks every 30 minutes, how long will it take him to complete a circuit around the building, assuming he doesn't run into any thieves?

8. The population of Grand Island, Nebraska, grew by 600,000 people between 1995 and 2005, one-fifth more than the town council predicted. The town council originally predicted the city's population would grow by

9. Joan is taking an admissions examination. If she has to get at least 40 of the 60 questions right to pass, what percent of the questions does she need to answer correctly?

10. A teacher deposits $3,000 in a retirement fund. If she doesn't add any more money to the fund, which earns an annual interest rate of 6%, how much money will she have in 1 year?

11. The high school track measures one-quarter of a mile around. How many laps would you have to run in order to run three and a half miles?

12. Karl is driving in Austria, where the speed limit is posted in kilometers per hour. The car's speedometer shows that he's traveling at a rate of 75 kilometers per hour. Karl knows that a kilometer is about of a mile. Approximately how many miles per hour is Karl traveling?

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