ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 48: Geometry

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. A circle's radius is 6 centimeters. What is the circle's circumference?

2. A circle's area is square centimeters. How long is the circle's diameter?

3. Krystal called Woody's Fences Inc. to order a new fence for her 13,950-square-foot garden. She ordered 486 feet of fencing. She wants the fence to be white on the side of the garden that faces the street, which is narrower than the side that doesn't face the street; the rest will be green. How much white fencing will Woody's Fences Inc. need to send with the workers?

4. A square has an area of 25 square meters. How long is each of its sides?

5. How much sheet metal is necessary to create a cylinder-shaped water tank that is 300 feet long and has a diameter of 80 feet?

6. A small field's perimeter is 32 meters. Its width is three times its length. What is the field's width?

7. The radius of a circle is 8 centimeters. What is the circumference of the circle?

8. A silver, 8-gauge wire 54 centimeters long is bent into a rectangle with a width that is twice its length. What is the rectangle's area?

9. Rob's grandmother wants to have a circular swimming pool installed in her backyard. She also wants a concrete surface of uniform width built around it. The biggest pool and concrete combination she can afford has a pool with a diameter of 28 feet and a concrete surface with an area of square feet. How wide is the concrete surface?

10. A square has an area of 49 square centimeters. How long is each side?

11. A cubic swimming pool's edge length is 9 feet. What is the cube's volume?

12. A circle's area is 379.94 square millimeters. What is the circle's diameter?

13. A triangle's height is twice its base, which measures 2 inches across. What is the triangle's area?

14. The sum of the legs of a right triangle is 49 inches. The hypotenuse is 41 inches. How long is the shortest side?

15. A rectangular picture frame has an interior perimeter of 38 inches. One interior side of the frame is 11 inches long. How long is the other interior side of the picture frame?

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