ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 47: Algebra

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. A computer depreciates in value by 20 percent each year. In two years, how much will a computer purchased for $1,500 be worth?

2. The sum of twice a number and the number is 90. What is the number?

3. Nichole needs to study English, chemistry, physics, and history, but she has only two hours to do so. She must study chemistry and physics twice as long as she studies English and history. How much total time can Nichole dedicate to chemistry and physics?

4. John Q. Private received his first paycheck from the military for $1,900. The amount reflected his earnings after 20 percent was taken out in taxes and other deductions. What was his gross (before deductions) pay?

5. The price of a piano has increased by 15 percent. It was originally on sale for $1,820. What's the new price?

6. In chemistry class, you and your lab partner must mix a 15 percent concentrate with a 45 percent concentrate to get 100 milliliters of a mixture that has a concentration of 27 percent. How much of the 45 percent concentrate do you need?

7. Rod works for $20 per hour. A total of 30 percent of his salary is deducted for taxes and insurance, but he's trying to save $1,000 for a new TV. How many hours must Rod work to take home $1,000 if he saves everything he earns (aside from what comes out for taxes and insurance)?

8. With the wind behind it (a tailwind), a plane travels 1,120 miles in seven hours. Against the wind (a headwind), the plane covers the same distance in eight hours. At what speed is the wind blowing?

9. Two military recruiters drove for a half hour. The first recruiter drove twice as far as the second recruiter did, and together, they drove 90 miles. How many miles did the first recruiter drive?

10. 490 airmen are going on a field training exercise. There are as many male airmen as there are female airmen. How many male airmen are there?

11. April's algebra teacher told her to find the greatest number in a sequence of four even numbers that add up to 220. If April gives the correct answer, what will she say?

12. Misty has 21 coins in her purse. Some of them are nickels, and some are dimes. She has a total of $1.70 in change, so how many of the coins are dimes?

13. A station wagon and a motorcycle start at the same place. The station wagon is traveling at 40 miles per hour, while the motorcycle is traveling at 75 miles per hour in the opposite direction. How long will it be until the station wagon and the motorcycle are 250 miles apart?

14. Three-fifths of a number is less than five less than the same number. Choose the graph that represents this expression.

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