ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 43: Algebra

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Chris has twice as many military awards as Omar does, and Michael has 3 fewer than twice as many as Omar. Together, they have 32 awards. How many military awards does Michael have?

2. Bill brewed a small pot of coffee for his guests. Sam drank one-third of the coffee, Bernie drank a quarter of it, and Bill had one full cup. How many cups of coffee were in the pot?

3. Bonnie and Kathleen went shopping. Kathleen spent half her money on a beekeeping suit, one-third of her money on a ukulele, and one-tenth of her money to take Bonnie to lunch. If Kathleen came home with $12, how much money did she have to begin with?

4. A number halved, plus one third of the number, plus three equals the number. What is the number?

5. Eight plus three-fifths of a number is equal to the number. What is the number?

6. Sgt. 1st Class Stith has been asked to make his famous caramel sauce for his unit's family fun day. However, when he was pouring the sugar, half of it spilled on the floor, a quarter of it spilled on the counter, and one-sixth of it spilled into the sink. Just three tablespoons remained in the container. How much sugar was originally in the container?

7. Jules has two times the toys Robbie has, and together they have 39 toys. How would you express that in an equation?

8. A boat travels downstream for three hours with a current of 4 miles per hour. It returns the same distance, only against the curent, in four hours. How far did the boat travel one way?

9. A boat travels for three hours with a current of 3 miles per hour. It returns the same distance, but it travels against the current for four hours. What is the boat's speed in calm water?

10. The sum of four consecutive odd numbers is 328. What is the greatest number in the sequence of four consecutive odd numbers that add up to 328?

11. Charlie bought a 10-pound mixture of two candies for a total of $80. If one of the candies was salted caramel, which costs $5 per pound, and the other was chocolate, which costs $10 per pound, how much of the 10-pound mixture was chocolate?

12. A group of 400 students takes a class trip to Washington, D.C. One-fourth of them tour the Capitol while the remaining three-fourths go to the National Mall. Of the students who visit the National Mall, there are four times as many boys as girls. How many boys go to the National Mall?

13. Divide $564 among three people so the second will have twice as much as the first has and the third will have four dollars more than the second has. How much does the third person have?

14. If Jakson can spend $5 on apples, how many apples can he buy when they're priced at $0.20 each?

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