ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 41: Algebra

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Pat has taken his grandson Gavin to an amusement park. When they get in line for the biggest roller coaster, there are 48 other people waiting. There are now eight fewer females than males in line, so how many females are there?

2. Charra and Glenn have teamed up to create a website for a client. Charra bills $110 per hour, and Glenn bills $95 per hour. How long would it take Charra to build the website alone if the total cost to the client were $4,750?

3. A group of 1,008 people includes five times more men than children and three times more women than children. How many more men than women are in the group?

4. Express as an equation: Ten is the product of four and an unknown number.

5. Two consecutive numbers have a sum of 109. What are the numbers?

6. Four consecutive numbers have a sum of 54. What is the greatest number in the sequence?

7. Steve and Stan made 14 pies. Fran made twice as many pies as Steve and Stan made. How many did Fran make?

8. Jim and his girlfriend, Stacy, spent $400,000. If Jim spent $48,000 plus three times what Stacy spent, how much did he spend?

9. Bryan bought his dog, Roscoe, three times as many red balls as yellow balls, some yellow balls, and half as many orange balls as yellow balls. Altogether, Roscoe has 36 balls. How many red balls does Roscoe have?

10. Divide $106 among Sadie, Chandler, and Faith so Sadie has $4 plus three times the amount Faith has and Chandler has twice as much as Faith does. How much does Sadie have?

11. Mike, Dani, and Nicklaus have to split $33.75 so that Mike has twice as much as Dani and Nicklaus has $2.50 more than Mike does. How much does Nicklaus have?

12. Express as an equation: Janae had 47 books. She gave some of them to Ellis, so she has 29 left.

13. Three consecutive odd numbers have a sum of 21. What are the three numbers?

14. Jill, Traci, and Donna made $141 at the community yard sale. Jill made $11 more than Traci made, and Donna made twice what Jill made. How much did Traci and Donna make combined?

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