ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 38

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. If a car salesman sold 55 cars this year and 45 last year, then what percent fewer cars did he sell last year?

2. Jefferson High School is required by the county to serve meals to students that weigh 20 ounces each. If the school receives a food delivery that includes one ton of food, how many meals can be served?

3. Two basketball teams will each play 16 games this season. Team A has won 6 of their first 8 games., and Team B has won 4 of their first 8 games. If Team B wins 75% of their remaining games, then how many of the remaining games must Team A win to finish the season with one more victory than Team B?

4. By switching cable providers, the Jones family can save an average of 7% each month on their cable bill. If their average bill used to be $118.40 per month, then what will be the amount of their new bill?

5. A chemist is mixing a formula that requires 225 milliliters of liquid. If the liquid is currently in a two-liter bottle, then what percent of the bottle should be poured into the formula?

6. If Renee rolls 3 six-sided dice, what is the probability of her not rolling a 2?

7. A shipping crate that contains 5 computer printers weighs 81 pounds 12 ounces in total. If each printer weights 12 pounds 2 ounces, then how much does the shipping crate weigh?

8. A patient's medication must be administered every three hours for a total of five times. If the first dose is given at 7 a.m., then what time will the final dose be administered?

9. Andy, Jake, and Josh operate a math tutoring business. Andy charges $20 per hour, Jake charges $18 per hour, and Josh charges $16 per hour. If they worked the same number of hours and their combined revenue for the day was $378, then how long did each person work?

10. The price of a ticket to a single baseball game is $22, and the price of a season pass for 80 games is $1,440. If all 80 games will be attended, how much money will the ticket holder save if she purchases the season pass?

11. Jeff is taking a midterm exam and needs to answer at least 48 of the 80 questions correctly to receive a passing grade. What percent of the questions can Jeff answer incorrectly and still pass the exam?

12. A factory imports 23,600 pounds of raw material and must pay a tariff equal to $0.20 per pound. What is the amount of the tariff the factory must pay?

13. An electric car travels 200 miles at a rate of 50 miles per hour, and then 75 miles at a rate of 75 miles per hour. What was the car's average speed for the trip?

14. A rare coin dealer bought a coin for $130 and sold it the next day for $45 more than the purchase price. What was the percent profit on the sale?

15. Taylor would like to carpet a room that measures 12 feet by 15 feet. If the price of carpet is $30 per square yard, then what is the total cost to carpet the room?

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