ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 35

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Michael's car is about to run out of gas. He checks his pockets and finds two five-dollar bills, three one-dollar bills, three quarters, four dimes, and two nickels. How much gas money does Michael have?

2. Ian's bank account balance decreased by 40% last month. By what percent must his bank account increase this month to reach its original starting value?

3. A loan shark charges $75 of interest the first day a debt is unpaid and $40 for each additional day. If $315 of interest was paid to the loan shark, then how many days was the debt overdue?

4. Francis is holding a bag with 9 yellow balls, 8 purple balls, and 7 orange balls. If Francis randomly selects a ball, what are the odds that it is not purple?

5. Lauren would like to build a 5-foot high fence in her backyard. The dimensions of the space that needs to be fenced is 120 feet by 90 feet. If the materials needed to build the fence are $3 per square foot, then how much will Lauren spend on materials?

6. A florist sets a price of $40 for a dozen roses. If the florist buys roses from her supplier at a rate of $6 for 4 roses, then how much profit will the florist make if sales total 20 dozen roses for the week?

7. Jason purchased a sailboat and made a down payment of $5,000. If he will pay an additional $300 per month for 6 years, then what is the total cost of the boat?

8. Yvonne cuts a circular pizza in half in a straight line. She then eats one slice, creating a 45-degree angle. What is the supplement of that angle?

9. If 12 cups of sugar are used to bake 10 cakes, then how much sugar is used to bake 2 cakes?

10. A long-distance runner ran at an average pace of 4 miles per hour for 5 hours. How much time would have been saved if the runner had averaged 5 miles per hour for the same distance?

11. A car company must make 400 cars per day to keep up with customer demand. If they can make 40 cars per hour, then how many cars still need to be made after 2.5 hours?

12. Rose needs to purchase 3 loaves of bread. She has two coupons, each for 15% off a single loaf. If each loaf has a retail price of $3.00, then how much will Rose spend to purchase 3 loaves?

13. If the track surrounding a football field measures one-quarter mile around, then how many laps around the track equals 5.25 miles?

14. Gary's house has a triangular-shaped attic that needs to be heated. If the dimensions of the attic are 30 feet by 10 feet by 55 feet, then what is the volume of space that needs to be heated?

15. At a charity fundraiser, Terry runs 5 miles and receives $20 per mile in pledges. If the host of the fundraiser keeps 5% and gives the remaining amount to the charity, then how much money will the charity receive?

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