ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 30

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. If a photographer can take pictures of 6 clients per day, then how many clients can he serve if he works every day for the months of August and September?

2. Tommy was paid $35 for 5 hours of yard work. His friend, Jimmy, received $50 for 6 hours of yard work. How much higher was Jimmy's hourly wage than Tommy's?

3. If a race track is 1.25 miles long, then how many miles is 35 laps?

4. Jen bought five cartons of eggs on sale. A single carton normally costs $2.50, but she was able to purchase five cartons for a total cost of $10.00. How much money did Jen save on her purchase?

5. In five consecutive basketball games, a player scored the following number points: 25, 24, 28, 25, and 18. What is the mode of these point totals?

6. Luke has a savings account that pays an annual interest rate of 6%. What are the equivalent monthly and quarterly interest rates?

7. A rancher needs 20 sections of rope, each 12 feet 4 inches long, to secure livestock. If rope is sold by the foot, then what is the minimum length the rancher must buy?

8. The dimensions of a park are 300 feet by 200 feet. If the park includes a square pavilion measuring 35 feet on each side, then what is the area of the park not covered by the pavilion?

9. Tony is on a diet and monitoring his calories this week. Sunday through Friday, Tony averaged 2,100 calories per day. If he consumes 1,900 calories on Saturday, then what will be his average daily calories consumed for the week?

10. An art dealer bought a painting for $6,000 and sold it the following week for $6,600. What was the percent profit on the sale?

11. Phil's school is hosting a 10-mile walk-a-thon, and he received pledges of $18 per mile. Unfortunately, 8 miles into the walk-a-thon he sprained his ankle and had to stop walking. How much additional money could Phil have earned if he completed the entire 10 miles?

12. If a restaurant increases the price of an entrée from $30 to $33, by what percent did the price increase?

13. Linda loaned Kevin $400 with an annual interest rate of 7%. How much money will Kevin owe Linda after one year?

14. William and Carl are participating in a bike race. If William bikes at a rate of 18 miles per hour, and Carl bikes at a rate of 16 miles per hour, then how far apart will they be after 3.5 hours?

15. A baker prepared 12 cakes for a bake sale. However, 4 of the cakes were ruined during transit. If the ingredients for all 12 cakes cost $60, then how much will each of the remaining cakes have to sell for on average for the baker to earn twice the cost of the total ingredients?

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