ASVAB/AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 29

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Sarah purchased a new home with an initial down payment of $80,000. If she has a 30-year mortgage which requires a monthly payment of $1,200, then how much will Sarah pay in total for the home?

2. A food truck sold eight hamburgers for $6.99 each, six hot dogs for $4.99 each, and 14 drinks for $1.99 each. If the total cost of food and labor was $75, then how much profit did the food truck earn?

3. Ben's grade for math class is comprised of six quizzes and one final exam. If each quiz makes up 1/9 of the final grade, then what percent of Ben's grade is based on the final exam?

4. If the ratio of people with blonde hair to brown hair in a particular group is 5:7, then which of the following could be the total number of people in the group?

5. If a salesman left the office for a sales call at 9:00 a.m. and returned at 4:30 p.m., how long was he out of the office?

6. A landscaping company is planting a circular flower garden. If the garden is 18 feet in diameter, then what is its approximate area?

7. Candace, Adam, and John are house painters. At their latest job, Candace painted 36% of the house and Adam painted 1/4 of the house. What percentage of the house did John paint?

8. A construction crew is installing a concrete tennis court at a local park. The dimensions of the tennis court will be 80 feet by 9 yards, and the concrete will be 6 inches thick. If the cost of concrete is $100 per cubic yard, then what volume of concrete will be needed to complete the project?

9. Train A and Train B each left the station at 12 p.m. Train A was headed east toward Atlanta, and Train B was headed west toward Memphis. If Train A traveled at 45 miles per hour, and Train B traveled at 60 miles per hour, then how far apart were the trains at the end of 2 hours?

10. Mary Beth, an architect, is redesigning an office building and trying to maximize the size of the square-shaped lobby. If she were to increase the length of the lobby by 20%, by what percent would its area increase?

11. If David's monthly salary decreases from $4,800 to $4,200, the percentage change is:

12. An artist is painting a mural that measures 15 feet by 8 feet. What is the area of the mural?

13. 17 red marbles and three times as many blue marbles add up to one-fourth the number of green marbles. How many green marbles are there?

14. Frank took a 6-hour flight from Miami to Los Angeles. If he left Miami at 10 a.m. and there is a three hour time difference between the two cities, then what time did Frank arrive in Los Angeles?

15. If 22,000 people attended a football game, which was 10% more than the stadium operator had anticipated, then how many people were expected to attend?

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