ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 21

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Michael can wash a car in two hours, and Jim can wash the same car in four hours. How long will it take the two of them working together to wash two of the same cars?

2. What is the prime factorization of ?

3. In the set of numbers {1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25}, what is the arithmetic mean?

4. If , which of the following is a possible value of ?

5. For all positive values of x < 50, how many values are divisible by both 3 and 5?

6. Three teams are having a contest in which the winning team will split a cash prize equally among all the members of the team. If Team 1 wins, each member will receive 10 dollars. If Team 2 wins, each member will receive 15 dollars. If Team 3 wins, each member will receive 25 dollars. Which of the following could be the number of dollars in the cash prize?

7. John bought a camera on sale that normally costs $160. If the price was reduced 20% during the sale, what was the sale price of the camera?

8. A subway car passes 3 stations every 10 minutes. At this rate, how many stations will it pass in one hour?

9. On a certain map, inch represents one mile. What distance, in miles, is represented by inches?

10. A certain box contains baseballs and golf balls. If the ratio of baseballs to golf balls is 2:3 and there are 30 baseballs in the box, how many golf balls are in the box?

11. Four people shared a taxi to the airport. The fare was $36.00, and they gave the driver a tip equal to 25% of the fare. If they equally shared the cost of the fare and tip, how much did each person pay?

12. If a car travels of a kilometer each second, how many kilometers does it travel in an hour?

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