ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 19

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. If |y - 3| = 3, what is the greatest possible value of y?

2. Two teams are having a contest in which the prize is a box of candy that the members of the winning team will divide evenly. If team A wins, each player will get exactly 3 pieces of candy, and if team B wins, each player will get exactly 5 pieces of candy. Which of the following could be the number of pieces of candy in the box?

3. What is the least common multiple of 7, 9, and 21?

4. What is the value of

5. A copier can make 150 copies per minute. At this rate, how many minutes would it take to make 4,500 copies?

6. The average (arithmetic mean) age of the members in a five-person choir is 34. If the ages of four of the members are 47, 31, 27, and 36, what is the fifth member's age?

7. In the past year, XYZ Corporation reported sales of $1.17 × 106. The year before, the company's sales were $9.00 × 105. What was the percentage change in sales?

8. What is the value of 30 - 5 × 4 + (7 - 3)2 ÷ 8?

9. A group of five workers want to have a fair way of deciding who has to perform a difficult task, so they place 4 green balls and 1 red ball into an opaque box from which each worker will draw a ball at random. The person who draws the red ball will have to perform the task. What is the probability that the last (5th) person will get the red ball?

10. John's grade for a class is determined by the results of 3 tests and 1 final exam. If the exam counts twice as much as each of the tests, what fraction of the final grade is determined by the final exam?

11. If , what is the value of ?

12. A full 10-liter container of diluted orange juice contains 20% water and 80% pure juice. After half of the diluted orange juice is consumed, 1 liter of pure juice is added to sweeten the taste. What is the ratio of liters of water to liters of pure juice after the liter of pure juice is added?

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