ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 14

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. If a barber is capable of cutting the hair of 35 people per day and he works 7 days per week, how many haircuts could he give during the months of April, May, and June?

2. If you type 45 words per minute, how many words can you type in 12 minutes?

3. Tom is flying a kite at the end of a 500-foot string. His friend Kathy is standing directly under the kite 300 feet away from Tom. How high is the kite flying?

4. Amy wants to fence in a yard using 400 feet of fencing. If she wants the yard to be 30 feet wide, what will its length be?

5. A three-digit code must be used to access a computer file. The first digit must be an A or a B. The second digit must be a number between 0 and 9. The final digit is a single letter from the alphabet from A to Z. How many possible access codes can there be?

6. The sun is 93 million miles from Earth, and light travels at a rate of 186,000 miles per second. How long does it take for light from the sun to reach Earth?

7. A tanning-bed pass for unlimited tanning costs $53 per month this year, but it was only $50 per month last year. What was the percentage of increase?

8. Eleven plus forty-one is divided by a number. If the result is thirteen, what's the number?

9. Mark received an hourly wage of $9.25. His boss gave him a 4% raise. How much does Mark make per hour now?

10. How many pounds of nails costing $7 per pound must be mixed with 6 pounds of nails costing $3 per pound to yield a mixture costing $4 per pound?

11. Theodore has 24 baseball cards. He sells of his cards to Tom and of his cards to Larry, and his mom accidently throws away of his cards. How many baseball cards does Theodore have left?

12. Theresa bought five karaoke CDs on sale. A karaoke CD normally costs $24, but she was able to purchase the CDs for $22.50 each. How much money did Theresa save on her entire purchase?

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