ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 1

Directions: In this test, you are tested on your ability to use arithmetic. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. What is the value of the sum of and ?

2. A construction company is building a new housing development with the property of each house measuring 30 feet wide. If the length of the street is zoned off at 345 feet, how many houses can be built on the street?

3. Carey bought 184 pounds of fertilizer to use on her lawn. Each segment of her lawn required pounds of fertilizer to do a sufficient job. If a student were asked to determine how many segments could be fertilized with the amount purchased, what operation would be necessary to solve this problem?

4. An equilateral triangle has a perimeter of 18 feet. If a square whose sides have the same length as one side of the triangle is built, what will be the area of the square?

5. Add and express in reduced form 5/12 + 4/9

6. If a car can travel 300 miles in 4 hours, how far can it go in an hour and a half?

7. At the store, Jan spends $90 on apples and oranges. Apples cost $1 each and oranges cost $2 each. If Jan buys the same number of apples as oranges, how many oranges did she buy?

8. What is the volume of a box with rectangular sides 5 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 3 feet high?

9. A train traveling 50 miles per hour takes a trip lasting 3 hours. If a map has a scale of 1 inch per 10 miles, how many inches apart are the train's starting point and ending point on the map?

10. A traveler takes an hour to drive to a museum, spends 3 hours and 30 minutes there, and takes half an hour to drive home. What percentage of his or her time was spent driving?

11. A truck is carrying three cylindrical barrels. Their bases have a diameter of 2 feet, and they have a height of 3 feet. What is the total volume of the three barrels in cubic feet?

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